FX Bootcamp Live is a hedge fund incubator that turns traders into Top 1% Portfolio Managers and raises a fund for them at Blue Sky Capital Management.
If you want to take control of your trading, achieve consistency in your results and build the confidence, experience and capital you need to become a professional, profitable and sustainable Top 1% Portfolio Manager, who trades client capital, then join our team.
Your Five Year Journey To Becoming A Top 1% Portfolio Manager
Each course is focused on helping you become a professional, profitable and sustainable business in a $5 Trillion a day market.
We Give You All The Help & Support You Need To Succeed
Our courses, coaching and performance tools are the best in the world.
Top 1% Trading Methodologies
Learn how to trade using the integrity of market and price and formulate an accurate long-term and short-term technical bias consistently.
Building and Managing Portfolios
Learn how to build portfolios that run for weeks, months or years and how to know exactly when to get out.
Daily Stop, Look & Correct Coaching
Join Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld, the Performance Coach at Blue Sky Capital, everyday to review the day's trading and discuss trade plans for the day ahead.
Weekly War Room Meetings
Join Wayne McDonell, the Fund Manager of Blue Sky Capital, every Thursday to review fundamental strategies and forecast beta for the week ahead.
Webinar Recordings
All webinars are recorded and provided for your to watch later in case you missed a live session or are unable to attend due to your schedule.
1-on-1 Performance Coaching
Book 1-on-1 performance coaching with Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld if you need help or support beyond what is provided in the daily webinars.
Group Chat
Interact with other traders completing the same program as you and share analysis or discuss your trading in member-only group chat.
Top 1% Trading Tools
Make use of exclusive tools we have provided to help with trade management, journalling and performance analysis.