Achieving Consistency

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Learn how to achieve consistency in your trading, over a period of six months.
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Track Record Requirements

Here are the rules for the demo track record you will be building during this course. Pay careful attention to the rules as they must all be followed for your track record to be accepted.

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Now that you have passed Taking Control I can share some additional strategies with you, before you start building your demo track record.

1-on-1 Performance Coaching

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Weekly Stop, Look & Correct Sessions

Join Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld every week to review technical analysis for the week ahead.

Monthly Stop, Look & Correct Sessions

Join Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld on the last day of the month to review technical analysis for the month ahead. If the date for our weekly SLC and our monthly SLC falls on the same day, then attend this meeting and not the weekly SLC.

Recorded SLC Sessions Playlist

Catch up on any previous Stop, Look and Correct Sessions you missed

Weekly War Room Meetings

Join Wayne McDonell every Thursday to discuss fundamental data affecting the global market and how it can be traded for profit

Submit results

Submit your results for your demo track record so they can be reviewed by a Performance Coach before moving to the next level.

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