Taking Control

Learn how to build and manage a portfolio, over a period of seven days.
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A guide on how to install the templates, indicator and FX Bootcamp Live Trading Simulator EA

Becoming a Top 1% Trader Part 1

In this lecture I discuss your 5 year plan for becoming a top 1% trader and I introduce you to the iMAP Methodology.

Becoming a Top 1% Trader Part 2

In this lecture I discuss the risk management rules we follow when using the iMAP Methodology for entering scalps and swings, moving trades to minimum acceptable performance and taking profit.

The iMAP Methodology Part 1

In this lecture I delve deeper into the iMAP Methodology and observe how the structure of the market and behavior of price provides us with the integrity of market and price and how that allows us to formulate a long-term and short-term bias when building a portfolio for an asset class.

The iMAP Methodology Part 2

In this lecture I review some previous markets and identify how we can use the iMAP Methdology on a chart to build a portfolio and know exactly when we need to get out.

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iMAP Methodology Practical 1. Scalping Market Opens

In this practical we turn on our simulator, start trading using the iMAP Methodology and scalp market opens.

iMAP Methodology Practical 2. Incorporating Pivot Points

In this practical we continue working with our simulator and this time incorporate pivots points with the iMAP Methodology as we swing market opens.

iMAP Methodology Exercise. Building and Managing a Portfolio

In this exercise I give you a brief and ask you to build a portfolio using our simulator.

Achieving Consistency

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