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Congratulations on completing the Taking Control course. You are now ready to start Achieving Consistency and prove that you are a consistent trader by building your first track record on a demo account.

The requirement of this course is for you to generate a profit of $2,500 on a $25, 000 demo account within three months. We have given you six months to achieve this from the time you sign-up for this course, so you have two attempts to achieve the goal. Your max risk per trade cannot exceed 0.1% and your draw down cannot exceed 5%. You must also only trade GBPJPY.

During this course you will be attending daily Stop, Look and Correct sessions with Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld and weekly War Room meetings with Wayne McDonell. If you are unable to attend these live sessions you will be able to watch the recordings. These lessons have been structured in such a way that you will not be at a disadvantage if you are unable to attend the live sessions due to your schedule as a result of work or time zone.

Please note: If you fail to meet this requirement within in six months you will have to re-join FX Bootcamp Live.

The price for membership is $130.00 per Month.

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