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You have selected the Level 3 Membership membership level.

Gain access to all level 3 membership courses and programs. You need to have passed the track record requirements for Building Confidence to proceed with level 3 membership.

This membership includes

  • 1 x monthly 1-hour 1-on-1 performance coaching sessions.
  • Weekly war room meetings

You will be required to fund a live account with $3,000 and grow that account to $5,000 within 1 year. The moment you have achieved this result you will be able to move onto the next level. The rules for this track record are as follows:
1. You will be focused on a single currency and will be able to trade any currency against this currency
2. You can buy and sell, swing or scalp and hedge
3. Your max risk per trade is 0.1%
4. Your max draw down is 5% for the entire year
5. Your deadline for this track record is 1 year though you can achieve the goal in less time

If you fail to achieve the track record while meeting any of the above requirements the track record will not be valid. The track record can only be achieved on a single account and refunding the account will not be permissible. You have one shot at this, so remember to stay in control, trade consistently and maintain a confident mindset.

The price for membership is $199.00 per Month.

Membership expires after 1 Year.

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